After the Fall—How an 18-Foot Fall Reinvigorated My Passion for Powerful Networks



It’s hard to believe six weeks have passed since a rather routine event setup became one that I won’t ever forget. A historic home, a floor collapse, and a fall through to the basement, more feet than I care to remember. The details have been circulating for several weeks now, and many people have heard the story. However, that story is not the purpose of this one. As it happens sometimes, it takes an event that sudden, that serious, to reveal something we should have known all along.

From my days in the corporate world to my life now as an owner of an event and public relations company, July has always signified the start of my summer as my workload lightens, and I get ready for a month of rest and rejuvenation. This year, mighty July started my season of gratitude, and with good reason. Since the accident, I’ve had at least a dozen doctors remind me that the accident could have been much, much worse. Believe me, I know. I was there! I am determined to hold on to the gratitude and relief I felt that day when the doctors came in to tell me the extent of my injuries.

The outpouring of well wishes, cards, flowers, wine (!), and creative care packages has been overwhelming to say the least. I’ve already told the concierge in the building that I’ll have to send him flowers for all the trips he made to my apartment with gifts. The senders were friends, family, clients, colleagues, and my Boston Women in Media and Entertainment (BWME) sisters.

This latter group is the newest to me. They are members of a group I co-founded in August of 2012 with beloved Boston broadcaster Candy O’Terry. The group consists of women in the media and arts fields in greater Boston. It astonishes me that in less than 4 years we have grown to over 200 members.

When Candy and I created the mission, we knew we wanted to educate, inspire, and connect women in our ever-changing, fiercely competitive fields. The goal closest to my heart was to build a solid network of entrepreneurs and industry professionals with varied areas of expertise who would partner on projects, hire and mentor each other, provide referrals, and work together to achieve their personal and professional goals. I’m delighted to report this is happening.

Candy and I have invested an enormous amount of time cultivating a strong network that met the professional needs of our members who were coming from all over our industry’s ever-widening landscape. We were determined to be available by phone, in person, or through email for our members to guide, listen, refer, assist, and accept tons of great feedback. We labored over the services we offered and the timing of and takeaways of our events and are constantly measuring the ROI of our membership plan.

But what we built was much more.

So many BWME members have reached out to me with heartfelt words, referrals to doctors, and offers to deliver meals and provide transportation to physical therapy appointments. They’ve chatted with me about what I can expect on the road to recovery and made sure I knew what my priorities should be. They also assisted with staffing my events and moved my projects along the pipeline. I can’t explain here how much this has meant to me.

What BWME ultimately has become—and honestly, I think I’m the last one in the group to realize it—is a much more meaningful group of women who care for each other beyond the workplace and office hours and who understand how vulnerable you can be when you work for yourself, by yourself, or work for a bigger institution that has little regard for what life may bring your way.

I’m grateful beyond words to be a part of this group and to have so many exceptional women in my life … in good times and bad, and in sickness and in health.

Here’s to the power of networking!

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