Event Architect

Build and Sell…They Will Come.

How am I different from the other event planners? Three little words: BUILD AND SELL. I build your event to fit the spirit and mission of your organization and then take ownership of getting the word out to your target market using effective media outreach and marketing strategies. It’s a winning combination that will save you time and money.

I’ve got extensive experience working with boards and creating and motivating event committees to action. I know all about the art of delegation, collaboration and leadership, and I can put those skills to work for you.

Time and Money. You Have More Than You Think.

Did you know that you have more money and time than you think? If this seems crazy to you, it’s important that we speak. I’ve worked with organizations of all sizes with big goals and limited event and marketing budgets. My first objective with these clients is to lay out a strategic event plan that demonstrates how working smarter can bridge that gap. If this sounds like something your organization would be interested in, let’s talk.

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Corporate Event Planner
— This page explains why you should hire an event coordinator/entertainment director such as Dayla Arabella for your next corporate event.