Media Relations Specialist

Are You Being Heard?

When it comes to being a megaphone for my clients, I’ve got a big mouth. Make no mistake about it: getting publicity is not for the faint of heart. A good publicist can get you some ink. A great publicist has a contact list that’s as deep as the ocean and solid relationships where they count. That’s me.

I am the co-founder and Executive Vice President of Boston Women in Media & Entertainment, a premiere Boston based organization made of influential women in radio, print, television, new media and the performing arts. I’ve secured features in all Boston media outlets and in national publications including The Washington Post and The New York Times, as well as syndicated radio and television news programs from Here and Now on National Public Radio to Dateline NBC, The Today Show and CNN.

It All Works Together.

While it can be easy to distinguish event planning and public relations efforts, you should always see well-conceived and executed special events and solid public relations as ultimately synonymous. See my Build and Sell principle. After all, the final goal of every media relations specialist is to help a company or organization maintain its most important relationships with clients and donors, as well as to increase an institution’s visibility and create new relationships with others. Special events are unique and particularly effective ways to accomplish these goals.

Every publicist knows that the right event allows a company or organization to connect with those who are already being served by the institution. Events that include the right people and activities also invite others to join in the mission of the institution or become a new client or donor. And ultimately, a properly promoted event gets the name of your institution in the news, leading to broader public recognition. So as you see, public relations and event planning should work together, and so should your company’s strategic planning.

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