Where’s the Boston in the Red Sox?


With the Red Sox some forty plus games into the season, it’s hard to believe, with the “chicken & beer” legacy of the Valentine era just barely in the rear view mirror, we’d be praising the Red Sox, not for their play, nor their early attempts to put last year behind them, but the fact that they are simply an enduring tradition, one that has the ability to unite and heal the city of Boston like no other. With four vibrant sports teams in Boston, it was the iconic Red Sox ‘B’ that was used by the BOSTON STRONG campaign after the tragic events at the Boston Marathon to symbolize the city’s strength and resilience.

The tributes to the first responders, the ceremonial first pitches thrown by the victims of the bombing, Big Papi’s f-bomb and Neil Diamond jumping a plane to sing ‘Sweet Caroline’ on the field- it mattered, not only for the sentiment, but the fact that it happened in what any Boston resident will tell you, is our most hallowed ground.
Back in the club house, sadly, it’s been far less inspiring. The Boston Boys of Summer are being led by the nefarious and aforementioned “chicken and beer” tandem of Jon Lester and Clay Buchholz, the latter of the duo accused of employing “Bullfrog sunscreen” to his pitching tool chest for a better grip…hmmm?   Perhaps there is some consolation that former Red Sox ring leader and “Mr. Texas” Josh Beckett has been a bust on the west coast and is now on the disabled list with a bum groin. One has to wonder how the big Diablo will stay in shape with his six shooter on the shelf and his paunch expanding.

Another difference of note is that the former Ringmaster, AKA Bobby Valentine is now in academia as an Athletic Director – hope they handed him a parachute before that trip. Now, enter John Farrell and his crew of overly inked under-achievers.  Apparently the Farrell handbook requires everyone to sport tattoos, a beard and an unbuttoned shirt.
How about the 9th inning closer? Is it me or are these guys so fragile that they injure themselves when they sneeze?  Take Hanrahan, sounds like a tough name, and sure he has the bad boy beard, but I’m pretty sure my 5’1″ bad self could take him out with one swing of my handbag.  Can’t we find a guy that is not off the grid ala Aceves, or a complete head case like Bard, or not hurt by getting out of bed like Bailey?  All that money spent and nothing to show but the medical bills.  Seems as if the money could have been used on better amenities for the dwindling ticket buying fan base.

My hope for the next 40 games is that the Sox tighten their belts, button their shirts, shave their beards and play as spirited, passionate and strong as those of us who are proud to call Boston home. Boston Strong!

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