Build & Sell Principle

If you were in New England back in the mid-’90s, you may remember this famous quote from legendary football coach Bill Parcells: “If you’re gonna ask me to make the dinner, you should let me buy the groceries.” He was talking about his challenge to live up to the expectations that he would build a Super Bowl team with a group of players whom he had little, or in some cases, no input in signing to the roster.

My build and sell principle works to eliminate those kinds of road blocks that can derail an event or marketing campaign from meeting and surpassing its goals. The chances of success get pretty slim when one person is in charge of developing the event, another is charged with selling the event, and there’s little interaction and/or understanding of the others’ needs and objectives. The chances that one group will blame the other for the project underperforming are far better.

I offer my clients a point person who will not only build their event, but ensure that those in the organization who are charged with selling the event have a prominent seat at the table from day one. A good needs analysis must identify all stakeholders, and the action plan that follows needs to determine what steps are necessary to keep them engaged from the inception to the grand finale. It’s certainly not a new concept, but I can’t tell you how many people overlook the power of “buying the groceries together.”

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