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Are You Being Heard?

Make no mistake about it: Getting publicity is not for the faint of heart. A good publicist can get you some ink. A great publicist has solid relationships where they count. Blanketing the media with press releases and making cold calls just doesn’t cut it anymore. Building a relationship with people who are looking for your information and that have an audience that want or need your information is key. I believe in the power of these relationships so much that I cofounded Boston Women in Media & Entertainment, an organization made of influential women in the media and the arts.

Media relations are tricky. Whether you are going it alone or hiring a professional, remember this:

  • BE truthful,
  • BE timely and provide only accurate and relevant information to the person you are pitching, and
  • BE prepared for what comes next.

Why Am I an Event Architect and a Media Strategist?
It All Works Together.

While it can be easy to distinguish event planning and public relations efforts, you should always see well-conceived and executed special events and solid public relations as ultimately synonymous. See my Build and Sell Principle. After all, the final goal of every media relations specialist is to help a company or organization maintain its most important relationships with clients and donors, as well as to increase visibility and create new relationships with others. Special events are unique and particularly effective ways to accomplish these goals.

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Why Public Relations
is Important for Your Business

There are many benefits of good public relations for businesses, the following information can be just as easily applied to event relations as well.

Why Public Relations is Important for your Business — Most business executives dub PR as ‘free advertising.’ This could not be farther from the truth. It neither is advertising, nor is free.

Should I Hire a PR Agency? — Paula Conway of EPR News helps you determine whether you should hire a public relations specialist for your event.

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“Dayla Arabella has transformed Emmanuel Music’s PR strategy in the five years that she has been working with us. Her knowledge of the Boston media and her incredible contacts have raised Emmanuel Music’s visibility in the very crowded Boston arts / music scene. She has arranged special advertising opportunities with both print and on-line media, and interviews with radio hosts that we would not otherwise have had access, thereby extending our relatively modest advertising budget. Dayla always delivers!”
Pat Krol,
Executive Director,
Emmanuel Music

Boston Women in Media & Entertainment

I am the cofounder and Executive Vice President of Boston Women in Media & Entertainment, a premiere Boston based organization made of influential women in radio, print, television, new media and the performing arts. If you’d like to be a part of this growing group of influential women, please connect with Hege Leyameyer at